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: Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos

  1. Why did my car emit smoke?
  2. Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit Install Video!
  3. Hyundai's 8 speed transmission
  4. HURRICANE SC video
  5. Turbo XS RFL Blow off valve
  6. Rhys Millen DDGT Qualifying Being Chased in GT-R
  7. 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec
  8. Old Crazy Hyundai Promo Video
  9. On the Dyno
  10. Viad TV, Video Advertising Commercial for GenCoupe
  11. Hyundai v Infiniti Dyno Test: Genesis Coupe v G37s
  12. Drag St-Félicien 12 Juin 2010 - Altima SE-R VS Genesis Coupe 2.0T
  13. Video: No airbag in our A-pillars?
  14. Around the Block
  15. Video; Korea - Race track V6
  16. V6 comparo
  17. Review by
  18. Genesis Coupe on a TV show
  19. V/T Engineering and Puente Hills Hyundai Presents:
  20. 2011 Gencoupe news!
  21. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T vs Honda Civic Si Coupe: Track Comparison
  22. Video: Rhys Millen Climb Attack Pike's Peak
  23. Forgestars back on - video with test pipes
  24. Gen coupe 2.0t engine build
  25. 7ism Variable exhaust - 3.8 on the dyno
  26. Single exit exhaust
  27. Genesis Coupe crash tests
  28. Road and Track drift edition. Coupe is 6th.
  29. Genesis sedan COMPLETELY dismantled.
  30. Bukisa: MotorTrend Figure 8 in the GenCoupe
  31. Video Derek Joyce R-Spec walkthrough
  32. Forza Motorsport 3: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe - HD
  33. Car tech HD, Car Tech 2009 SEMA Show Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2 0T R Spec
  34. Video: [FORZA3] Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe Replica
  35. Video: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe at the 2009 Tampa Auto Show.
  36. Video: G35 vs. Hyundai Genesis and Mustang GT
  37. SFR Type D Grille installed on Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  38. edmunds rates mazdaspeed 3 vs genesis 3.8 track
  39. Video: 2011 Hyundai Equus
  40. Video: Forza 3 drift with Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  41. Rhys Millen's RM460 - Mid Engine Genesis Coupe
  42. V/T Engineering at Spring Mountain, Redline Time Attack
  43. Exhaust clip of cp-e and mxp setup
  44. Genesis Coupe with Navigation Preview
  45. Monday Night Doughnuts
  46. Genesis Coupe Drift Driving School
  47. Custom Lighted Genesis Coupe emblem
  48. Timelapse of CBE and BOV
  49. ESPTuning (V/T Engineering) at Willow Springs International Raceway
  50. Genesis Coupe on Car Business
  51. Show car hyundai genesis coupe GP version
  52. Genesis Coupe 3.8 on race track in Korea
  53. Motoring 2009 Genesis Coupe review
  54. Drifting with Motive DVD in GC
  55. Genesis Coupe: Remember the Name
  56. Video:Lux Motorwerks Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  57. 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with racing stripe
  58. RMR El Toro- ROUGH CUT
  59. Video; Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Spec Commercial
  60. Video: Genesis Coupe Drag Racing @ Irwindale Speedway
  61. Vid - First Solo race in the coupe
  62. Sloppy Mechanics Dyno Day May 17th 2009 hyundai genesis coupe
  63. Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Test Drive
  64. Video: Genesis Coupe One Make Race
  65. Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Hyundai Genesis Sedan Commercial
  66. Video: SynchroG Genesis Coupe Drift Team - Volume 3 (South Korea)
  67. Video: Genesis Coupe movie theater Ad
  68. Video: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe NHTSA Side Impact
  69. 2010 Hyundai Genesis sedan Drift
  70. 2010 Hyundai Genesis coupe Drift
  71. Video: Road Race Motorsports Genesis v6 coupe
  72. Video: Hyundai Technicians speak out about the new Hyundai Genesis.
  73. New Genesis Coupe In Cinema Ad
  74. 2010 Jump Into A Genesis Sweepstakes!
  75. Video: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Walk Thru
  76. Video: Genesis Coupe Trying to Drift
  77. Video: genesis coupe v6 vs corvette c5
  78. Video: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Commercial
  79. Video: Hyundai Genesis Coupe driving technique
  80. Video: New York Auto Show 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6
  81. Video: DragnRacing Genesis Coupe 14sec pass 1
  82. Video: DragnRacing Genesis Coupe In Car 14sec pass 2
  83. Video: Genesis Coupe VS 350z
  84. Video: Mirabeau Blue 2010 Hyundai Genesis
  85. Video: Beyond Redline Coupe Fun
  86. Video: 2010 Weak Genesis Coupe Burning out
  87. Video: How to move your Gen Coupe indoors
  88. 500hp GeN CouPe
  89. Genesis Coupe 3800cc S.L.C (Speed Limit Canceler) by Young Motors
  90. Autospies in car drift in 3.8
  91. More Genesis Drifting
  92. Night time Genesis Drifting
  93. Genesis Coupe Drift
  94. Ecstatic Hyundai Genesis Customer
  95. Drifting around Lord Calvert
  96. Video: Genesis Coupe Press Event - Autocross, "Drifting", Road Course
  97. New 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Dayton
  98. modified turbo coupe drifting
  99. Genesis Coupe vs Tiburon
  100. Academy Award Hyundai Commercial...Real Good
  101. VTC News Video clip Hyundai Genesis coupe drift Auto4U
  102. Video: Gencoupe Car Salesman
  103. Video: Hyundai USA CEO, John Krafcik's speech at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show
  104. Canyon drift in Korea
  105. VIDEO: First glimpse of Hyundai Equus in motion
  106. HKS Genesis Coupe in action Japan
  107. Genesis Coupe driving around
  108. 2009 Chicago Autoshow - Hyundai Genesis Drift Coupe
  109. RD Tech drift car in action
  110. Smooth Glossy High Quality Paint on the Genesis
  111. Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo Drive around
  112. Teaser vid
  113. Video: Genesis Coupes Racing (Animated)
  114. A new 3.8 modified vid on Youtube.
  115. I found this link on pricing....sort of.
  116. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Drifting at Night Video
  117. Genesis Coupe drifting: Vietnam
  118. Gen coupe 6 speed 0-62 8 seconds
  119. Comparioson test/Lexus/G37/v6 Genesis Coupe
  120. Genesis 2.0 Top speed
  121. More exclusive videos
  122. Gotta Show love for the v6
  123. Genesis Drift 4 minutes
  124. Exclusive 2.0t drag race
  125. Supercharged Gensis coupe drifting video from Korea
  126. New Hyundai Genesis Coupe Animation
  127. Genesis Coupe 380GT interior
  128. GENESIS Coupe formation lap movie
  129. New Hyundai Genesis Coupe Commercial
  130. Exclusive! High Quality Korean Drift Event Video
  131. Exclusive!! - Korean Drifting Event Video
  132. Korean Genesis Coupe Event
  133. First KDM Genesis Coupe Commercial
  134. Korean Hyundai Genesis Coupe Commercial
  135. Slideshow Compilation of Sedan and Coupe Pics
  136. Hyundai Genesis Sedan 110km/h to 260km/h run
  137. Post your videos