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oooo /drool i think i just got chills. im 5 months out from buying my 2.0 track and just to think that a few bolt ons and a lil elbow greese and we are talking almost 50+ hp over stock...and can we say enough about the torque numbers. jeebus!
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Hi guys still really new and confused to say the least. Where or what product will do this ecu tune and how complicated of a process is it.
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Originally Posted by NFiesel View Post
Hi guys still really new and confused to say the least. Where or what product will do this ecu tune and how complicated of a process is it.
You can tune your car by reflashing the ECU through several different means of software now available:
The 2 most popular are PowerAXEL & Soulful Racing. You can also tune your vehicle via Dynojet CMD which is considered a piggyback & is limited on timing adjustments, but gives you the end user the ability to tune in lieu of a vendor shop doing the tuning for you.

PowerAXEL - Race engineering service provider

PowerAXEL launched its first step in the U.S. during the summer of 2009 as the first ECU reflash provider for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T and 3.8 V6 models. Soon enough we may not be the only ones as many more respectable companies will be releasing similar tuning solutions, but we will continue to serve with utmost service and product.

Now about our PowerX module:

Our PowerX is a hand-held ECU flashing device that can store 3 distinct data programs for the end user to flash with the module alone to the OEM ECU via the OBD-II port without the requirement of any other hardware. It eliminates the need for the end user to send in their ECU to the tuner – it is reflashed by the user, generating maximum power gains tailored to the vehicle's unique modifications, with all of the drivability and sophistication inherent in the stock ECU.

The 3 programmable slots can be custom fitted by our dealers ONLY with their own tuned maps.
NOTE: Once the PowerX is used to reflash any one ECU, it is automatically registered to that specific vehicle and won't work on any other ECUs.

Function: Upload data to ECU & reset DTC via OBD port
Operating Condition: Key On (engine off)
Duration: 15~20 seconds

As you can see from the picture, there are 3 different program buttons.

The parameters in our 'base tune' are modified to perform best on stock Gen Coupes, with the exception of simple bolt-on mods (intake, exhaust, intercooler, etc). When upgrading the internal workings of the power plant or any combination of performance modifications, you may use slot 2 or 3 of the PowerX to create custom calibrations, fine tuned on the dyno with wideband lambda meter. You MUST get it tuned real-time by PowerAXEL or one of our authorized VEO COM Pro dealers.

If you wish to send your inquiries to PowerAXEL or to any of our dealers, please include the following information:
Your name
Your location (country, state/province)
Vehicle assembled date (usually located on the driver side door step panel)
Engine & Transmission type
Immobilizer/Non-immobilizer (please indicate)
Octane rating of gasoline used
ECU Part No. and/or Rom ID (esp. required from customers outside of North America)


PowerX (2.0T models only) - $649.00 (+S&H)

Stay tuned as our dealers will be offering Stages I ~ III tunes that will blow your minds away

3.8 V6 ECU Reflash - $399.00 (+S&H) *More info HERE*

I know I have repeated myself many times over, but our engineers are very close to accomplishing the reflash module R&D project for the 3.8 models. Yes, I know many of you have been waiting patiently but PLEASE don't pressure me to give you a false ETA!!

List of current VEO COM Pro dealers:
-Beyond Redline
-MODE Racing

List of current PowerX Resellers:
-Touge Tuning
-Vivid Racing
-Hyundai Parts 4 Less
-Puente Hills Hyundai

Updated list of dealers from website:
MODE Racing @ HB Speed
10595 Lawson River Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
HB Speed (714) 378-3966

PHH Performance Center
17621 E. Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
Puente Hills Hyundai (626) 709-4492

Crawford Performance
622 Airport Road
Oceanside, CA 92058
Crawford Performance (760) 631-2927

Vivid Racing
1429 Scott Ave
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Vivid Racing (480) 966-3040
*PowerX Module Reseller ONLY

Touge Tuning
7720 Kimbel Street #32
Mississauga, ON L5S 1M6
Touge Tuning (905) 405-0682
*PowerX Module Reseller ONLY

Light Speed Innovations
#1 7756 Edgar Industrial Way
Red Deer, AB T4P 3R2
Light Speed Innovations (403) 346-7960

Luft Racing
Cra. 51C # 12B sur
15 Medellin, Colombia
Luft Racing +57 (300) 426-4626

Beyond Redline Motorsports
1220 Winford Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303
Beyond Redline (920) 498-1223

Performance Tuning
9432 Center Point Lane
Manassas, VA 20110
PTuning (877) 788-6464

1805 Powerline Road
Deerfield Beach, FL 33064
Fab-Worx (954) 944-2725

USP Motorsports
7716 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, FL 33067
USP (954) 755-7772

APECYD International, Ltd.
Worldwide Distributor

Forged Performance
498 Cobb Pkwy South
Marietta, GA 30060
Forged (770) 792-0202

With limited number of VEO COM dealers for those who plan on performance upgrades/modifications, we understand the frustration of being out of driving distance when in need of a custom tune. As I'm seeing an exponential growth of the Genesis Coupe community across the globe, our goal is to expand our dealer network in major locations worldwide within the next 2 years.

THANK YOU everyone for all your support and skimming through my essay (if you were able to read this far)

Now please feel free to hijack my thread, file a complaint, testimonials or send PM's to my new top-of-the-line "500 messages allowed" inbox FTW!!

Please visit our website: PowerAXEL - Race engineering service provider

Personal Contact Info:
Arvin's direct line (714) 616-6666 or Toll-Free 888-PWR-AXEL (797-2935)

Soulful Racing

Sorry for taking long time for our tune to come out for both 3.8 V6 and 2.0T.
We are just about to finish the final testing for 2.0T but 3.8 V6 reflash is now ready to ROCK!

Since we have not giving out any detailed information but some teaser videos , let us explain in details what SFR ECU reflash is all about.

::: Tools we are using :::
Some of you may not be faimilar with the way of our tune, but this is very popular and considered as only solution for perfect tune using OEM ECUs in European countries.
This applies the same for any vehicles using European ECUs such as Simens (Continental), Delphi, etc, and most Hyundai/Kia vehicles use these ECUs like our Genesis Coupe.
Our tool can read, write, and overwrite the datas to OEM ECUs which means we can save the OEM data from ECU, then modify and overwrite it.

::: PROs and CONs about our tune :::


- It allows us to save your ECU data which means we can always turn your ECU back to stock condition or any datas customer want us to reflash

- Since we are modifying your stock data, everything will be perfectly functional ( I know some tunes put the cars in limp modes, Cruise control or Sportshift button do not work and such.. giving you CELs and codes..
None of that will not happen with our tune) while you get much better throttle response, increase in hp/torque, rev limiter raised, Speed limit released, TCU fully functional, etc.. ( We will be getting into comparison when we have the dyno results and videos)

<*This part is quoted from another website*>

-Cost Effective – No need to spend thousands of dollars on a standalone ecu, then pay more for it to be installed – works with the hardware you already own!

-Discreet/invisible modification – There is no way to tell that the factory ecu has been reflashed. This means that your factory warranty will not be effected, and your insurance company isn’t going to worry

-Retain factory driveability – With reflashing, you only alter the aspects of the mapping that require adjustment. This means that the factory cold start, idle control and driveability are retained.

-Retain Factory Safety Features– Reflashing retains all the factory safety features such as knock protection, active knock control and dual octane maps for fuel and ignition timing.

-Improved Fuel Economy – Retains the factory closed-loop air fuel ratio control to provide the sort of economy that most aftermarket ecus can only dream of. Recalibration of target air-fuel ratio can also provide better than stock cruise economy.

-Closed Loop Boost Control (2.0T)– In many situations we can recalibrate the factory boost control system to provide excellent boost control without the need for an expensive standalone boost controller.

-Retain OBD2 Diagnostics – The factory ecu can still be interrogated with typical OBD2 scan tools for full diagnostic output if you have a sensor error resulting in a CEL fault on your dashboard.

-Variable Cam Control – On late model vehicles the cam timing can also be controlled and adjusted. This can provide earlier turbo spool-up as well as improved power and torque.

-Quick Turnaround – Reflashing can be performed inside a day, and we can also do the job while you wait if required.


- We need to open up your ECU in order us to use reflash tool which is completely harmless to your ECU.
FYI, it will not damage your ECU in any ways and it will look the same and work the same way once it's done.
(We will be posting some videos how to take out the ECU for customers)

- We need to have your stock ECU or we need to have customers to send us calibration data # by OBD2 scanner

We have couple of solutions for that tho.

*If you are sending ECU and have rides *
Run around time would be only 1-4 business days (depends on customer's location).
So if you have other daily driver or can get rides, so as soon as we get the ECU then do the reflash and send out the same day if it's possible or the next day.

*If you are visiting us*
You can come to SFR USA which is located in West Chester, PA 19382, have your ECU reflashed.
I know this only applies for local customers, but we arewilling to travel if there are enough interests.
We should be able to cover most of vehicles but there could be some vehicles that have the calibration datas on our hands, but we can have it modified in half day or have one ECU reflashed and ship it to the customer after we are done with modifications.

*If you are sending ECU but your car is daily driver*
You can go to pep boys or any other stores to have then scan your car.
Then, you can send us your calibration data #. We should be able to reflash an ECU and send it to you then you can send your ECU to us as a core.

::: Warranty :::

- We are going to offer 3 months warranty on ECU.
This means if there is any problem (throwing codes, going into limp mode, anything unfunctional) we will turn the ECU back to OEM data and will issue a full refund.
Every single data will be saved our database along with purchase data/Vin#/Lisence plate #, so we can always look up and turn any ECUs back to stock.

But if we see any damages to the ECU (opened or remodified), it voids our warranty policy.

If customer installs more basic bolt-on hardwares (ex: intake,exhaust,pulley), we will be offering free ECU reflash within 3months as well.
If customer installs more than basic bolt-on hardwares(ex: highcams,F/I inductions,etc) within a year, we will be offering ECU reflash @ discounted price.

::: Now, the price :::

We know a lot of people were assuming our prices or setting the price what it should be and such.
We are very confident about ECU reflash and we certainly feel that our price is more than reasonable.

For 3.8 V6
Price is $600

For 2.0 Turbo
Price is $550

* Note: Prices do not include shipping cost for customer to send their ECUs if they are sending their ECUs*

* From June 25th - July 11th, we will be offering an introductory ECU reflash sale for 3.8 V6 ONLY. Please check this thread :
<SFR> 3.8 V6 ECU Reflash Introductory pricing!

::: Conclusion :::

Thank you very much for a long wait again and we are very confident with the way of our reflash solution and most importantly the RESULT after tune.
We will be adding dyno comparison, 1/4mile record, video clips as soon as we can as.
We are also looking to get feedbacks/reviews from customers who jumps in our intro reflash deals (This is basically why we are throwing this deal)
Once again, thank you for looking and hope this thread gave you a better understanding.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM/Call us or reply to the thread.

Thank you

Jay Kim
SFR International inc.

Sponsored By: Columbus Body Works / ARK Performance / Modern Automotive Performance / Forged Performance
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