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  21. :)
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  28. Michihiro Takatori (1990 Nissan 240SX)
  29. Tony Brakahopia (Cooper Tire Ford Mustang)
  30. Ross Petty (Garage Boso / Falken Nissan S15)
  31. Kenji Yamanaka (Nissan S14 Silvia)
  32. Robbie Nishida (Hancook Tires / Dynamic Autosports Nissan 350Z)
  33. Justin Pawlak (Mazda USA / Cooper Tires)
  34. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (Falken / Ford Racing Mustang GT)
  35. Ryan Tuerck (Gardella Racing / Mobile 1 Pontiac Solstice)
  36. Joon Maeng (Maxxis / LS Auto Nissan S13.5)
  37. Taka Aono (Technosquare Toyota AE86 Corolla)
  38. Patrick Mordaunt (Braille Nissan 350Z)
  39. Darren McNamara (Falken / Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky)
  40. Falken Tire pulls off a Hat Trick
  41. Tanner Foust (Rockstar / Scion Racing Scion TC)
  42. Calvin Wan (Discount Tire / Falken Tires Nissan S15 Silvia)
  43. Ken Gushi (Scion Racing Toyo Scion)
  44. Casper Canul (ARK Performance 1996 Nissan 240SX S14.5)
  45. Ryuji Miki (A'PEXi Hancook Tire Mazda RX-7)
  46. Tyler McQuarrie (Falken Tires Nissan 350)
  47. John Wagner (1993 Nissan 240sx)
  48. Michael Essa (1987 LS1 powered RX7)
  49. Samuel Hubinette (NuFormz / Mopar Dodge Viper)
  50. Jeff Jones (Mazda CV RX7)
  51. Chris Forsberg (NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z)
  52. Daijiro Yoshihara (Falken / Discount Tire Lexus IS350)
  53. Stephan Verdier (Cooper Tire / Crawford Performance Subaru STI)
  54. Matt Waldin (2008 Nissan 350Z)
  55. Carl Rydquist (Hancook / City Tire Nissan 350Z)
  56. Rhys Millen (Red Bull / RMR / Toyo Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  57. Tommy Suell (Toyota AE86 Corolla)
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