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: Photography and Video

  1. Still Here... Just.. Lazy?
  2. Pwned88 Gets Moar Low
  3. In the Fog (It's been a while!)
  4. The Return of the Smurf (2 solo cruises, a post-install, and a big meet)
  5. Ottawa: Fall Pancake Run
  6. OGC: HYundai Fundai
  7. close call, but it did sound nice
  8. New Grill, Means New Pics (Mirabeau Blue and Graffiti)
  9. Graphic Work
  10. Photography: Autocross Ottawa 06-18
  11. Video: Ottawa Autocross 06-18
  12. Burgers & Shakes in Ottawa
  13. Show'n'shine in Ottawa, ON
  14. Montreal Mini-Meet, Ontario in Attendance.
  15. The Road To Pancakes:
  16. Toronto and Montreal in Ottawa (VIDEO)
  17. Toronto and Montreal come to Ottawa
  18. You think you can drive video
  19. Long Exposure Under Street Lights
  20. Fall Colours in Ottawa
  21. Ottawa Meet: Champlain Lookout Run
  22. Wake up and meet the new puppy.
  23. Burning Stan
  24. A Return (non-GC shooting)
  25. The Blue Meanie
  26. AutoCross At Scotiabank Place, Ottawa (2010-07-18)
  27. Ottawa At Tims, and Scotiabank Place Autocross
  28. Ottawa Ferrari Festival
  29. Mini vs. Porsche? Mini vs Genesis?
  30. Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada Time Trials
  31. Finally New Pics!
  32. Insane Stance & Offset debut Raleigh, NC
  33. Pics of my GC
  34. My HDR Photography
  35. Been Keeping Busy
  36. Tsukuba Red 2.0 r-spec & Black Track
  37. Awesome Back Flip
  38. Fire Fighter Training
  39. My 3.8 Track in "winter mode"...
  40. My Golden Retriever
  41. Mine and my sisters GenCoupes
  42. New Pics of CoupR
  43. DSM/Evo/Subi Shoot Out
  44. A 'lil tme behind the camera
  45. Helen, Ga
  46. ALMS Laguna Seca
  47. Hotwheels
  48. 2009 Montreal Rolex Grand AM
  49. Genesis 2.0T on a Sunny Day (For BassMan)
  50. Regular Photos
  51. How slow can you go..(panning pratice)
  52. Did my fist shoot for a local blog
  53. Updated 3.8 Track Photos
  54. Got Bored, Found (effectively) Abandoned Parking Garage
  55. Cool site to make a giant poster.
  56. NO FLASHING..."dark flash"
  57. So I was down in the Central Coast of CA...
  58. Riding in the Oakland hills
  59. My fist go at a model shoot.
  60. A Week In Cottage Country.
  61. Good Blogs, website and what not for photography..
  62. Some wallpaper for you all...
  63. Why shooting club events can be a good thing...
  64. Dorking with an off camera flash
  65. getting the hang of karting
  66. SAS (Seoul Auto Salon)
  67. Just To Brighten (my) the Mood...
  68. Water Drops
  69. NewTib NY Meet
  70. Some Drift Pics
  71. Ferarri Festival - Ottawa
  72. My Stuff:
  73. Beautiful Sky
  74. Who's on Flickr?
  75. A little photoshoot
  76. What Kind of Camera do You Own?
  77. Made a new purchase
  78. video i made
  79. the Joys of HDR Photography